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South Hills Christian Church Pre-School Program




Here at South Hills Christian Church we are proud to be using the renowned Frog Street Pre-K curriculum for our 3 & 4 year old classes.


The Frog Street Pre-K program was developed by renowned curriculum expert Pam Schiller, Ph.D. It’s based on current Texas Pre-K guidelines and supported by an impressive body of research on how young children develop early literacy and pre-reading skills. It’s already helping thousands of preschoolers develop the skills they need to be successful in kindergarten. While doing so in an environment where every child feels safe and loved.


Frog Street Pre-K will teach your child:

·         Social skills

·         Physical skills

·         Emotional skills

·         Cognitive skills

·         Language skills

·         Science

·         Math

·         Literacy

·         Social studies


Frog Street Pre-K also develops all the skills necessary for long term educational success: self-confidence, curiosity, self control, and more.


Its how these skills are taught that sets Frog Street Pre-K apart. Skills are taught through music, activities, games, make-believe and hands on materials.


Language and literacy are taught daily through the use of engaging themes as well as listening and participation activities that promote:

·         The ability to hear & reproduce sounds

·         Vocabulary

·         Comprehension


Lessons are short and focused on simple topics and emphasize hands on activities. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. Complexity is added a bit at a time. This time tested instructional strategy enables pre-k students to master difficult skills and concepts.


Curriculum for our 1 & 2 year old classes


Our 1 and 2 year old classes use a thematic curriculum created by the Camp Fire USA Fort Worth office. This curriculum will teach your child:

·         Social skills

·         Physical skills

·         Emotional skills

·         Cognitive skills

·         Language skills


1 and 2 year olds learn best through play and sensory activities. These activities contribute to the following developmental stages:

·         Fine motor skills

·         Gross motor skills

·         Social and emotional development

·         Cognitive skills


We are very excited to use this curriculum.




We are enjoying the opportunity to work in Partnership with Camp Fire USA Fort Worth. This partnership has given us the opportunity to be a part of their mentoring program which allows us to continue to grow in our ability to provide the best learning and caring environment for your child.


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South Hills Christian Church Parents Day Out * 3200 Bilglade Rd.* Fort Worth * Texas * 76133 Phone: 817-894-0747 or 817-926-5298  Fax: 817-926-6267

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